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The Caesarean Section in Dakar: Indications and Analysis Prognosis

The objective of this study was to analyze the in d ic a tio n s o f c e sa re a n se c tio n s perform ed in a Level II clinic and to evaluate early m aternal and neonatal outcom e in the context of decentralization of obstetric and em ergency newborn care. Material and Method: This was a retrospective descriptive and analytical study conducted at the m aternity C SN C over a period of 12 m onths fro m 1 Ju ly 2 0 1 0 to 3 0 Ju n e 2 0 1 1 . It in c lu d e d a ll w o m e n in c h ild b irth b y c a esarean sectio n and excluded patients adm itted for m anagem ent of com plicatio n s o f c e sa re a n se c tio n p e rfo rm ed in another structure. Results: During the stu d y p erio d , 5 95 caesarean sectio n s w ere p erfo rm ed o n a to tal o f 44 10 b irth s, a rate of 13.5% . T he average age of patients w as 27 years. T he m ean parity was 2. The patients cam e from them even 55%. They were adm itte d w ith a sin gle u terin e scar in 2 8.4 0% o f cases an d b i- scar in 2 5.4 % o f cases. A p ath o logy w as associated w ith pregnancy in 31.6% of cases. These pathologies w ere dom inated by vascular and renal syndrom es (75.5% ), anem ia (13.8% ) and the obstacles previa (10.1% ). C aesarean section s w ere perform ed in 517 patients in e m e rg e n c y . T h e te c h n iq u e o f M isg a v L a d a c h w a s th e m o st c o m m o n 7 5 .1 % . The average hospital stay was 4.2 days with extrem es of 0 and 15 days. Postoperative m aternal m ortality w as 0.34% . O perative follow - up w as sim ple in 98.3% of patients. T w o patients (0.34% ) died after surgery. In 92.4% of the cases, the n ew born s w ere alive. T he A pgar score in the first m in ute w as favorable (greater than or equal to 7/10) in 503 new borns (95.1% ) and unfavorable (less th an 7 /1 0 ) in 4 7 cases (8 .5 5 % ). A t th e fifth m in u te, h e w as favorable in 98.5% of the cases. O verall stillbirth w as 72.26‰ w ith a total of 43 stillb irth s in clu d in g 3 m acerated stillb irth s. Conclusion: Cesarean section is by far the m ost accom plished action in gyn ecology and obstetrics. Its ease of im p le m e n ta tio n a n d lo w c o st, a n d o f c o u rse h is re su lts in te rm s o f re d u c tio n of m aternal- fe ta l m o rb id ity a n d m o rta lity m a k e a k e y in te rv e n tio n a n d a l-lo w e d its e x te n sio n .

Auteur(s) : Moussa Diallo, Marie Edouard Faye Dieme, Omar Gassama, Astou Coly Niassy Diallo, Mame Diarra Ndiaye Gueye, Jean Charles Moreau
Pages : 1213-1220
Année de publication : 2019
Revue : Open Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology,
N° de volume : 9,
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : FAYE Marie Edouard