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Dual band printed MIMO antennas for 5G handsets

In this article, a compact MIMO dual-band (2.6/3.6 GHz) antenna array for future 5G handsets is presented. The antenna element has a compact with size of 10.5×14.5 mm2. The proposed antenna array elements are symmetrically placed along the long edges of the smartphone, and they are composed of four same antenna types. The reference element antenna consists of U Shape structure and a connected meandered monopole. The simulated result shows that the presented antenna has dual-band at 2.5-2.7 GHz and 3.4-3.82 GHz, which has a bandwidth of 200 MHz and 400 MHz respectively for reflection coefficient less than -6dB. The port isolation is more than 11.5 dB across the whole band of interest without using any decoupling network for two antenna structure.

Date de debut : 19 April 2017
Date de fin : 20 April 2017
Lieu : Fez Morocco.
Type : Conférence
Mise en ligne par : FARSSI Sidi Mohamed