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A Community of « Good Citizens » ? Urban Dwellers and City Management in the Four Communes (Senegal, 1919-1939)

Citizenship is today the central point of a republican governance’s critique. A return in the past suggests how much it was never once acquired. In the Four Communes of Senegal, the Originaires acquired this status, as early as 1848, while retaining the peculiarity of their personal status, in particular the existence of Muslim courts. My proposal is to follow, from the municipal management site during the interwar period, the vicissitudes of the status of French citizen in these enclaves of colonial Senegal. This status was not only the defense of a particular way of life or a legal discussion for a community that was not culturally French. It induced the participation, the invention of a space where to exercise powers, skills and rights that the colonial administration worked to curb. How to assume a municipal power and respond to the concerns of the inhabitants in the core of the sending general inspection’s missions? How to extend the 1915-1916 Blaise Diagne laws, to the vast major

Date de debut : 29 June 2017
Date de fin : 01 July 2017
Lieu : Bâle, Suisse
Type : Congrès
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