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Complex Mechatronic Product Modeling using a MultiSolution, Multi-Instance eXtended Conceptual Design Semantic Matrix

The evaluation of the behavioral performance of Complex Mechatronic Products (CMP) at an early design stage is a major challenge in manufacturing industries. It requires a modeling approach that take into account the different technologies that compose such products and the interactions between them. In this paper, we propose to combine Object-oriented modeling approach and Design Structure Matrix (DSM) modeling approach to build the Multi-Solution, MultiInstance eXtended Conceptual Design Semantic Matrix (MSMI X-CDSM) of complex mechatronic products at the design stage. To illustrate our approach, a mini-car is used as a case study.

Date de debut : 02 July 2014
Date de fin : 04 July 2014
Lieu : Paris, France
Type : Séminaire
Mise en ligne par : SENE Mbaye