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Cost Analysis in FMIPv6 and FPMIPv6-Based on HP2P-SIP Networks

FMIPv6 and FPMIPv6 are IETF (Internet Engineer- ing Task Force) protocols proposed for mobility management in IPv6. Both protocols allow to reduce the handover latency. They operate in two modes: Predictive mode and Reactive mode. However, none of these protocols has taken into account the costs of handover process in terms of messages. In this paper, a cost analysis is proposed for P2P-SIP networks with IPv6-based mobility management. The goal is to study the impact of maintenance and update messages during the handover process. Specifically, we propose a comparative study of their operating modes: Predictive and Reactive. The simulation results with Omnet ++ show that, for handover latency, Predictive mode has better performances than Reactive one. On the other hand for update costs, Reactive mode presents better results

Date de debut : 20 October 2016
Date de fin : 22 October 2016
Lieu : Columbia University
Type : Conférence
Mise en ligne par : BA Mandicou