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Citizenship and Religious Identity in (Post)colonial Senegal

The issues of citizenship and identity have been a major theme in political debates. These two phenomena, which are a priori separate, raise the question of the relevance of the nation-state and its constitutive elements, as well as that of the relation of nation-states and citizenship to identity. The question of citizenship is particularly important because it is intertwined with the issue of recognition. The demand of recognition allows groups that claim a specific identity to emerge from the political sidelines and to be integrated fully into the state’s structures. In this regard, being recognized is linked to a struggle of emancipation. Although citizenship may find expression in various domains (voluntary associations, cultural communities, civil society), only “legal” citizenship allows for a full participation of individuals and groups in a political community. In the case of Senegal, the assertion of an Islamic identity defended by Muslim associations (Jamatu Ibadu Rahman, A

Date de debut : 23 April 2014
Date de fin : 26 April 2014
Lieu : Vienne
Type : Conférence
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