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Assessment of quality of life of senegalese patients with periodontal diseases.

Aim The objective of this study was to evaluate patients' life quality affected by periodontal disease Material and Methods Two hundred and eight Senegalese patients answered a questionnaire of quality of life conceived from two questionnaires that are already validated in many countries after a periodontal examination (Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI) and Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP)). Six dimensions were studied (functional, psychosocial, performance during work, perceived health, pain/ discomfort). Results Thirty seven percent (37 %) of the subjects had a bad quality of life related to their periodontal problems. The average scores of the various dimensions were low and concerned in decreasing order psychosocial (32 .5±1.5 ), functional (28.7 ± 4.4), pains / discomfort (28 .. 5±1.1), perceived health (10.9±0.6 ), performance during work (7.7 ± 0.4). Univariate analysis showed conversely significant correlations between the average scores of the various dimensions and

Date de debut : 06 June 12
Date de fin : 06 June 12
Lieu : Vienne, (Autriche)
Type : Congrès
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