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Aggressive periodontitis in a young senegalese with cleft palate : multidisciplinary management.

Aim ~ The cleft palate (CP) is a congenital deformity that appears between the 7th and 12th week of pregnancy due to a failure of fusion of the palatine process. Oral manifestations may be associated with abnormalities such as number, position, conformation of the teeth, maxillary hypoplasia and occasional dry mouth. The CP results in the communication between the nasal and oral cavity that may be subject to infections. On the other hand aggressive periodontitis remain severe bacterial infections that are characterized by attachment loss and rapid destruction of the tooth supporting tissues and can lead to premature tooth loss. Material and Methods This case describes the multidisciplinary management of a 30 years old Senegalese patient with generalized aggressive periodontitis and presenting cleft palate (CP). The first step of the treatment has been to reestablish a microbial flora compatible with the periodontal health, by a non surgical therapy and systemic antibiotics. A prost

Date de debut : 06 June 12
Date de fin : 09 June 12
Lieu : Vienne, (Autriche)
Type : Congrès
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