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Carapa oil in Africa and South America: production, market and use.

The carapa are trees and shrubs growing in tropical forests. In Africa, they are they are widely dispatched and diversified from Senegal to Rwanda with different morphotypes. In South America as well as in Africa , the production of Carapa oil is an activity reserved to women. But in Amazonia , the techniques used are more elaborated and less painstaking. In Senegal and Mali , the extraction of Carapa oil is made under high temperature while in Amazonia , it is under low pressure or by simply exposing them under the sun. In Africa, the different steps preceding the extraction are almost the same but in Mali , they are a bit different. In this country, the grains are boiled in order to free the soften kernels which are transformed into paste, modeled in balls and exposed under the sun. in Senegal , the grains are broken and the kernels exposed under the sun. in addition, in Mali , if there is a great quantity of grains, they are buried after cooking during several days. This st

Date de debut : 09 June 2008
Date de fin : 13 June 2008
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