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Professeurs titulaires DIOUF Malick

Informations personnelles

Adresse: département de biologie animale
Téléphone: 775012780

Informations supplémentaires

Statut: Enseignant/Chercheur
Unité de recherche: Laboratoire de Biologie
Etablissement: Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
Discipline: Biologie animale - Parasitologie

Liste de diplômes

Titre Lieu d'obtention
Doctorat d'Etat UCAD 2013

Liste des Prix et Distinctions

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Publication Année Type Auteurs
Seasonal and Spacial Distribution of Nematoda Larvae of the Genera Anisakis and Contracaecum (Anisakidae) in Two Populations of Mugil Cephalus (Mugilidae) from Saloum and Senegal 2014 Article Dione Ephigenie Ndew, Malick Diouf, Jean Fall, Cheikh Tidiane Bâ Détails
A New Species of Cucullanus (Nematoda: Cucullanidae) from Mugil curema (Mugilidae) in Senegal (West Africa). 2014 Article Dione Ephigenie Ndew, Malick Diouf, Cheikh Tidiane Bâ Détails
Description of Oxynema xerusi n. sp. (Nematoda: Subuluroidea) Parasitic in Xerus erythropus and Heliosciurus gambianus (Sciuridae) in Senegal. 2013 Article Malick Diouf, Mouhamadou Seck Cheikh Bamba, Laurent Granjon, Cheikh Tidiane Bâ and Serge Morand. Détails
Pterygodermatites (Mesopectines) quentini (Nematoda, Rictulariidae), a parasite of Praomys rostratus (Rodentia, Muridae) in Mali: scanning electron and light microscopy 2013 Article Malick Diouf, Yann Quilichini, Laurent Granjon, Cheikh Tidiane Bâ, and Bernard Marchand Détails
Effect of different Types of Oils on Growth Performance, Survival and Carcass Composition of Nile Tilapia, (Oreochromis niloticus) 2013 Article Mariama Sagne, Abdoulaye Loum, Jean Fall, Diegane Ndong, Malick Diouf, Alassane Sarr, Omar Thiom Thiaw. Détails
Effects of Dietary Protein Level on Growth Performance, Carcass Composition and Survival Rate of Fry Monosex Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus Reared under Re-circulating System 2013 Article Abdoulaye Loum, Mariama Sagne, Jean Fall, Diegane Ndong, Malick Diouf, Alassane Sarr, Omar Thiom Thiaw Détails
Use of Biochemically Improved Shrimp Industry Waste in Fry Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus, Linnaeus 1758) Diets: Effects on Growth Performance and Carcass Composition. 2013 Article Dior Diop, Jean Fall, Mariama Sagne, Abdoulaye Loum, Diegane Ndong , Malick Diouf, Alassane Sarr, Nicolas Ayessou, Omar Thiom Thiaw. Détails
Pterygodermatites (Mesopectines) niameyensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Rictumariidae), a parasite of Mastomys natalensis (Smith, 1834) (Rodentia: Muridae from Niger. 1900 Article Malick Diouf, Christophe Amidi Diagne, Yann Quilichini, Gauthier Dobigny, Madougou Garba, and Bernard Marchand. Détails
A new Species of Spirura Blanchard, 1849 (Nemetoda: Spiruridae) parasite of Heliosciurus gambianus and Xerus erythropus (Rodentia: Sciuridae) in Senegal 2013 Article Malick Diouf, Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Seck, Cheikh Tidiane Bâ, Yann Quilichini, and Bernard Marchand Détails
A contribution to the study of the ichyofauna of the ferlo Lower Valley in Senegal 2013 Article Alasssane Sarr, Ragnar Kinzelbach and Malick Diouf, and Ebrima Njie Détails
Diversité spécifique et écologie des mollusques continentaux de la basse vallée du Ferlo (Sénégal) 2011 Article Alasssane Sarr, Ragnar Kinzelbach and Malick Diouf Détails
Comparative population genetics of a parasitic nematode and its host community: The trichostrongylid Neoheligmonella granjoni and Mastomys rodents in southastern Senegal. 2011 Article C. Brouat, C. Tatard, A. Machin, M. Kane, M. Diouf, K. Bâ and J. M. Duplantier Détails
Description of two new species of Nippostrongylinae (Nematoda: Heligmonellidae) coparasistes in three sympatris species of Mastomys spp. (Rodentia: Muridae) from Senegal 2008 Article Durette-Desset M.C., Brouat C., Diouf M. and Duplantier J. M. Détails


Communication Année Type
Malick Diouf, Gwenhael Allain, Alassane Sarr et Nathalie Cadot 2012 Séminaire