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Surgical Site Infection in Orthopedic Surgery at Dantec University Hospital Center

Surgical Site Infections (SSI) is a dreaded complication of orthopedic surgery. The authors report a prospective study to this effect in the orthopedic traumatology department of the Aristide Ledantec hospital over one year from July 2011 to August 2012. The study concerned all the patients operated in emergency during this period and who had developed an infection during their hospitalization period. Among the 266 osteosyntheses performed, we observed 24 early surgical site infections, including 20 which were shallow and 4 deep, were observed. The overall incidence was 9%. There were 17 cases of clean surgeries and 7 cases of contaminated surgery. There were 13 men and 11 women. The time of infection onset after osteosynthesis was 8, 84 days on average. Globally 16 cases of monobacterial infection, 2 cases of polybacterial infection and 6 negative cultures were reported. Klebsiella peumoniae and Escherichia Coli were the most frequently encountered germs. Debridement of the operative wound was performed in 8 cases or 33% associated with antibiotherapy adapted to the antibiogram. Mainly Imipènme was used as antibio

Auteur(s) : Guèye Alioune Badara1,2*, Kinkpé Charles2, Diouf Alioune Badara1, Kivandat Destin1, Niane Mouhamadou2, Sarr Lamine1, Dembélé Badara1, Daffé Mohamed2 a
Pages : 1-4
Année de publication : 2017
Revue : SM Journal of Orthopedics
N° de volume : 3(4): 1982
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : GUEYE Alioune Badara