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Neoproterozoic Dindéfélo waterfall geosite (RNCD, Bassari country, Eastern Senegal): biodiversity and geodiversity between conservation and valorization.

Abstract: The Dindéfélo Community Natural Reserve (DCNR), created to preserve the biodiversity and to ensure the sustainable development of the territory, is especially famous for its waterfalls of which the best known and the most visited is the Dindéfélo waterfall. The latter is hosted by the Neoproterozoic Dindéfélo formations in the current Kédougou region, between the Niokolo Koba National Park and the mountainous Fouta- Djalon massif in Guinea-Conakry. This latter offers a great abiotic diversity or geodiversity that consist of various rocks of differents natures and ages and geomorphological landscapes made of waterfalls, caves and plateaus, compatible with the installation of a particular biological community (biodiversity) that it is strongly threatened in Senegal and some of which are in process of disappearance. A dozen associated to the Dindéfélo waterfall geosites, which deserve to be valued and protected, have been inventoried. The Dindéfélo waterfall geosite was chosen to promote the T The GEOSITE … Cheikh Ibrahima et al... 198 J. Chem. Bio. Phy. Sci. Sec. D ; May 2018 – July - 2018, Vol. 8, No. 3; 197-224 DOI:10.24214/jcbps.D.8.3.19724] geodiversity as a support of the biodiversity and the geoheritage as a tool for human and socio-economic local sustainable development in the region. The integration of this geoheritage in the biodiversity protection and enhancement program of the DCNR and of the cultural heritage of the Bassari Country could help promoting a new touristic niche in Senegal, the geotourism and adoption of a new label, the geopark.

Auteur(s) : YOUM (CI), ERRAMI (E) & SOW (E)
Pages : 197-224
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Journal of Chemical, Biological and Physical Sciences, Section D: Environmental Sciences,
N° de volume : Vol. 8, N° 3
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SOW El Hadji