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Genetic Diversity of Breast Cancer in Senegalese Women: New Insight from Somatic Mutations.

The purpose of this study is to determine the distribution of the mutations in MTCYB breast cancer and Genetic diversity of tumors. We sequenced MTCYB in the Senegalese patients suffering from breast cancer (N=58) associated with normal tissues (N=34). The sequences MTCYB of cancer and normal tissues were compared to the sequence revised Cambridge in MITOMAP database. Genetic diversity of tumors was studies using MEGA.6 and DnaSP 5.10 software. 96.55% (56/58) of tumors have somatic mutations. In our series 237 variations of MTCYB including 67 described previously in the MITOMAP database were noted. The frequency of mutations MTCYB tumors (90.29%) is higher compared with normal tissues (41.77%). 40 variations including 22 described as new show significant differences (P <0.05) between cancer tissues and normal tissues. Changes induced in a 58.28% amino acid change. A correlation between haplogroup U (P<0.0001) and the incidence of breast cancer was noted in the Senegalese population. dN> dS, MTCYB is involved into the carcinogenesis by accumulating non-synonymous mutations. Our results indicate that alterations MTCYB are common in breast cancer.

Auteur(s) : Mbaye Fatimata., Dem Ahmadou., Fall Malick., Diop Gora., Mbengue Babacar., Diallo Rokhaya Niaye., Niang Maguette Sylla., Kane Mamadou., Ka Sidy., Diéy
Revue : Journal of Health Science
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : MBAYE Fatimata