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Biocides Effects of the Three Vegetable Powders (Khaya, Eucalyptus, and Azadirachta) Against Caryedon Serratus (O.L) Larva and Full – Grown Weevils.

The results got from bio-trial on the larva and non-sexed full-grown weevils with different treatments (comparison between vegetable powders of three plants in the presence of 2 witnesses) have showed a weak mortality in the course of the first initial contact hours with larva and weevils. During the time, the chemical referential product, Percal 1% of the recommended dose of (0,5g / 120g of seeds) shows an efficiency more and more important compared with vegetable powders of Khaya, Eucalyptus, and Azadirachta. With larva the average mortalities with the strongest doses are respectively for AzD3 (40g), (28 ± 13. 11%), KhD3 (40g), (24. 20 ± 1.16 %) and EcD3 (40g), (23 ± 15.01%). With non-sexed full-grown weevils, the mortality is much more important with EcD3 (29 ± 12.06%) when the ones of Khaya and Eucalyptus are in order near enough of 24% and 25% respectively. Those results show the good performance of vegetable powders of Neem (Azadirachta) at the time of bio-trials on larva and the one of Eucalyptus on the non-sexed full-grown. With larva the reduction of lethal times can follow the increase of the dose when we consider a type of vegetable powder. This established fact isn’t confirmed for all that with different types of vegetable powder in larva. With weevils, for one or many types of vegetable powders, the increase of the dose doesn’t lead to any reduction of lethal times. The logarithmic equations and coefficients R² are respectively taken for the mortality of treated larva from Khaya (y = 4.2852ln(x)+20.219, R² = 0.6696), Azadirachta (y = 8.3451ln(x)+16.621, R² = 0.8985), Eucalyptus (y =12.998ln(x)+9.6563, R²= 0.9179). For the weevils we have respectively with Khaya (y = 1.5783ln(x)+22.578, R² = 0.8521), Azadirachta (y = 7.686ln(x)+17.828, R² = 0.7293), Eucalyptus (y = 12.379ln(x)+12.188, R² = 0.9608).

Auteur(s) : Cissé A., Kane A., Dia CAKM., Ndiaye S. Sembène M.
Pages : 1-17
Année de publication : 2016
Revue : International Journal of Science and Advenced Technology.
N° de volume : 6 (8)
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SEMBENE Mbacké