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Mesoscale modeling of the temperature-dependent viscoelastic behavior of a Bitumen-Bound Gravels

A hierarchical multi-scale modeling strategy devoted to the study of a Bitumen-Bound Gravel (BBG) is presented in this paper. More precisely, the paper investigates the temperature-dependent linear viscoelastic of the material when submitted to low deformations levels and moderate number of cycles. In such a hierarchical approach, 3D digital Representative Elementary Volumes are built and the outcomes at a scale (here, the sub-mesoscale) are used as input data at the next higher scale (here, the mesoscale). The viscoelastic behavior of the bituminous phases at each scale is taken into account by means of a generalized Maxwell model: the bulk part of the behavior is separated from the deviatoric one and bulk and shear moduli are expanded into Prony series. Furthermore, the viscoelastic phases are considered to be thermorheologically simple: time and temperature are not independent. This behavior is reproduced by the Williams-Landel-Ferry law. By means of the FE simulations of stress relaxation tests, the parameters of the various features of this temperature-dependent viscoelastic behavior are identified.

Auteur(s) : Libasse Sow, Fabrice Bernard, Siham Kamali-Bernard and Cheikh M. F. Kébé
Pages : 509-524
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Coupled Systems Mechanics
N° de volume : 7 (5)
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : International journal
Mise en ligne par : SOW Libasse