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Graves’ Disease in Senegal: Clinical and Evolutionary Aspects

Objectives: To assess the clinical particularities and management of Graves’ disease at the Medical Clinic II of the Abass Ndao Hospital Centre in Dakar. Patients and methods: This was a retrospec- tive, descriptive study on records of patients monitored for Graves' disease from 1 January 2010 to 31 December 2014 (5 years). Socio-demographic, clinical treatment and changing parameters were evaluated. Outcomes: 878 patients were included and among them 542 had been monitored for at least 18 months. The sex ratio (M/F) was 0.2 and the average age was 34.8 ± 12 years. The average consultation period was 10.7 ± 2 months. Free T4 at diagnosis was > 80 pmol/l (36.6%). Prolonged medical treatment was reported in 96.7% of patients. The average dose for initial therapy with Carbimazole was 37 ± 9 mg/day. Beta-blockers were used in 64% and anxiolytics in 40.5% of cases. The average period for administering the maintenance dose was 5.6 months. Pa- tients’ attendance and compliance stood at 17.7% and 53.1% respectively. Complications, mainly cardiothyreosis, were found in 13% of cases. Goitre regression was found in 13.9% of cases and that of exophthalmos stood at 19.5%. Among our patients, 38.2% were lost to follow-up. The re- mission rate was 36.5% and thyroidectomy involved 14.5% of patients. Only stage of goiter (p = 0.007) and initial free T4 value (p = 0.003) were statistically associated with remission. Conclu- sion: Graves’ disease management raises follow-up problems. Indeed, the medical treatment is long while the number of patients lost to follow-up is high. As the only radical alternative available is surgery, it is therefore essential to promote the development of radioactive iodine therapy to expand the therapeutic choice.

Auteur(s) : A. Sarr, D. Diédhiou, N. M. Ndour-Mbaye, D. Sow, I. M. Diallo, S. El Alaoui, M. Diouf, S. N. Diop
Pages : 77 - 82
Année de publication : 2016
Revue : Open Journal of Internal Medicine,
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : NDOUR Ndèye Maïmouna