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Small Polar Codes Concatenating to STBC Applied to MIMO Systems

This paper uses a concatenation of small Polar Codes length (N=32) and Space Time Block Code, this Polar-STBC is applied to no diversity (SISO), SIMO, MISO and MIMO systems. Minimum Mean Square Error using Successive Interference Cancellation (MMSE-SIC) is a soft output used to the receiver in order to improve Bit Error Rate (BER) and finally Successive Cancellation Decoder (SCD) is placed to the decoder in order to improve the BER and Frame Error Rate (FER). Comparison between several STBC without concatenation schemes and this small Polar-STBC shown that the proposed allows minimizing the BER and FER performances

Auteur(s) : M. Diouf, I. Diop, I. Dioum, S.M. Farssi, B. Diouf, K. Tall
Pages : 11-19
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Springer Singapore
N° de volume : 1
Type : Article
Statut Editorial : Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences
Mise en ligne par : FARSSI Sidi Mohamed