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Experience on the management of the first imported Ebola virus disease case in Senegal

The Ebola virus disease, as a first epidemic in West Africa, stands as the most deadly one throughout history. Guinea, the source of the epidemic, Sierra Leone and Liberia remain the most strongly affected. That epidemic thoroughly destabilized the health system of those countries. Following Nigeria, Senegal received its first imported case from the neighboring Republic of Guinea. In that sub regional psychotic context, such a situation has been handled and managed starting from the potential of a health system that is already suitably structured. The organization of the response, the management of the communication system and the rigorous monitoring of contacts have been decisive in the control of the epidemic. Our countries have to be prepared in order to face health threats, and that is the reason why the need to empower our health systems is important.

Auteur(s) : Bousso Abdoulaye,Seydi Moussa, Ka Daye, Badiane Seydou Boubakar, Sarr Samba Cor, Talla Idrissa, Ndiaye El Hadj Mamadou, Ba Ibrahima Oumar,
Année de publication : 2015
Revue : The Pan African Medical Journal
N° de volume : 22
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : KA Daye