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Thermo-mechanical study of artificial aggregates-based concrete derived from the Thicky clays (Senegal)

Senegal has at its disposal a lot of mineral deposits among which the clay. This material is usable mostly in the production of pottery, the manufacture of bricks or tiles. Nevertheless, the increasing use of some natural aggregates in construction, more accurately gravels like basalt as well as limestone, could expose them to depletion. It is within this framework that our research, which is about the thermo-mechanical study of clay gravel-based concrete, has been developed. It consists of replacing common gravels with expanded clay aggregates. To that end, we have tested the clay of Thicky, which the SOFAMAC factory uses to manufacture its building materials. We used different methods to get expanded clay aggregates at different temperatures. We also did the characterization of these expanded clay aggregate as well as that of clay concrete. The results obtained from the gravels have been compared with those from common concretes. They indicate that the use of these gravels bring satisfactory results when they undergo an adequate transformation

Auteur(s) : Aida GAYE, Prince Momar GUEYE, Dame KEINDE, and Ndèye Awa SENE
Pages : 1614-1628
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies
N° de volume : 24
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : KEINDE Dame