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Clinical and radiographic characteristics of the chronic apical periodontitis in senegalese population.

Aim: This study proposes to describe the epidemiological, clinical and radiographic characteristics of Chronic Apical Periodontitis (CAP) in a population of patients attending Conservative Dentistry clinic of Odontology Department of University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar. Methodology: This was an observational, descriptive, cross-sectional clinical study. Cases were included after clinical and radiographic diagnosis of a CAP. The data collection was done form the following headings: (i) epidemiological data on socio-demographic characteristics (ii) the clinical data (ie reason of consultation, type of tooth, degree of mobility, integrity of periodontal attachment (periodontal probing), and the presence or absence of swelling or fistula); and (iii) radiographic data on ligament thickening and periapical status. Results: 51 cases of chronic apical periodontitis were included in the study. The results showed male predominance (68.6%) with a mean age of 31.1 years +/- 12,1. Clinical symptoms regarding tooth mobility, loss of periodontal attachment, and swelling were timid or even inconsistent. The an tero-superior sector was the most concerned, with a strong presence of the 5 and 4 peri apical index (PAI) scores with respective percentages of 45.1% and 31.4%. Conclusion: During the study, it should be noted that PAC are more common in men and have modest clinical signs; which shows that their diagnosis is mainly radiographic.

Pages : 137-141
Année de publication : 2018
Revue : Indian Journal of Conservative and Endodontics
N° de volume : 3(4)
Type : Article
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