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Study of the Behaviour of Senegalese Ballast Materials during Compaction with the C-Mould: Case of Bandia Limestone and Diack Basalt

Work presented in this article focuses on the study of the behaviour of materials from Senegalese quarries during compaction. These are Bandia Limestone (Sindia, Thiès Region) and Diack Basalt (Ngoundiane, Thiès Region). The grain size studied is 25/50 mm as for any material studied for use as railway ballast. The Proctor C-Mould for compacting large diameter materials was made for the occasion. With ?dmax = 2.142 g/cm3 and WOPM = 5.3%, the compaction results clearly show the poor behaviour of the limestone under the effect of repeated loads and water. It shows a reduction in fine elements of the aggregates of initial diameter 25/50, as well as a significant cohesion under the effect of water with the formation of a muddy paste. The compaction references that characterize Diack Basalt are: ?dmax = 2.15 g/cm3 and WOPM = 0.37%. Diack Basalt's compaction behaviour shows good performance. It does not break down into fine particles and the settling observed during compaction is similar to just tightening the grains and then stabilizing the material.

Auteur(s) : Libasse SOW
Pages : 81-86
Année de publication : 2020
Revue : Key Engineering Materials
N° de volume : 831
Type : Article
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