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Ballasted Railways in Senegal - Characterization of Bandia Limestone and Diack Basalt for Use as Ballast Materials

This paper first presents a more or less detailed inventory of the situation on ballasted railways in Senegal. This field research work highlights the particular heterogeneity that characterizes the arming of ballasted tracks, but also and above all the influence of environmental factors that pollute and degrade the tracks. The significant efforts made to moderate the railways are presented with the introduction of the Regional Express Train between Dakar and Blaise Diagne International Airport. An experimental work of characterization of aggregates is presented in a second step. The grain size studied is 25/50 mm as for any material studied for use as railway ballast. The materials studied come from Senegalese quarries and the objective is to see if they can be used as ballast materials in railways. With a hardness of 0.85, initial results show that Limestone from the Bandia quarries (Sindia, Thiès Region) does not have the characteristics required to be used as ballast. The hardness of Basalt from the Diack quarries (Ngoundiane, Thiès Region) is 17.11. The Diack Basalt gives also good physical and mechanical characteristics (cleanliness, absorption, density, Deval and Los Angeles). For Senegalese public works, Diack Basalt is a good material for railway ballast.

Auteur(s) : Libasse SOW
Pages : 3396-3405
Année de publication : 2019
Revue : International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
N° de volume : Volume 14, numéro 15
Type : Article
Mise en ligne par : SOW Libasse