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PhD Université Cheikh Anta Diop de Dakar 2015

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Publication Année Type Auteurs
Phytochemical Study and in Vitro Activity Evaluation of Antisickling Effect of Two Plants Using in Senegalese Pharmacopeia 2017 Article Sall Cheikh, Ndoye Samba Fama, Dioum Mbaye diaw, Seck Insa, Gueye Rokhaya syllable, Gueye Papa Madièye and Seck Matar Détails
Étude in vitro de l’effet antifalcémiant des globules rouges et de l’activité antioxydante d’extraits de la poudre de racines de Maytenus senegalensis Lam (Celestraceae) 2016 Article Sheikh Sall, Matar SECK, Babacar Faye, Mbaye Diaw DIOUM, Insa SECK , Papa Madièye GUEYE, Samba Fama NDOYE, Rokhaya Sylla GUEYE, Djibril FALL, Mamadou Détails
Study of the antifalcemic activity of root extracts of Leptadenia hastata Decne. (Asclepiadacae), 2015 Article Matar SECK, Sheikh SALL, Papa Madièye GUEYE, Insa SECK, Mbaye Diaw DIOUM, Zhour LEMBACHAR, Rokhaya syllable GUEYE, Djibril FALL, Mamadou FALL, Tandakh Détails
Click chemistry approach to ionic liquids (ILs) supported organic synthesis 2015 Article Alioune Fall, Insa Seck , Massène Sène , Mohamed Gaye, Matar Seck, Generosa Gómez and Yagamare Fall Détails
Phytochemical Screening, Evaluation of Antioxidant and Anti-sickling Activities of Two Polar Extracts of Combretum glutinosum Leaves. Perr. ex DC 2017 Article Cheikh Sall, Samba Fama Ndoye, Mbaye Diaw Dioum, Insa Seck, Rokhaya Sylla Gueye, Babacar Faye, Cheikhou Omar Thiam, Matar Seck, Papa Madièye Gueye, Dj Détails
Synthesis of a Cholesterol Side-Chain Triazole Analogue via ‘Click’ Chemistry 2015 Article Insa Seck, Alioune Fall, Carmen Lago, Massène Sène, Mohamed Gaye, Matar Seck, Generosa Gómez, Yagamare Fall Détails
Synthesis of new triazolium-based ionic liquids and their use in the Morita–Baylis–Hillman reaction 2015 Article Alioune Fall, Insa Seck , Ousmane Diouf , Mohamed Gaye , Matar Seck, Generosa Gómez, Yagamare Fall Détails


Communication Année Type
Isolation, bio-guided purification, characterization of products responsible of the antibacterial effect of Carapa procera bark (Meliaceae) 2013 Séminaire
Synthesis and evaluation of the antibacterial properties of 1,2,3-triazenes and 1,2,3-triazoles 1,4-disubstituted 2016 Colloque
Study of antiplasmodial activity in vitro 1,2,3-triazenes and 1,2,3 -triazoles-1,4-disubstituted 2016 Colloque
Evaluation of antitrypanosomal, antileishmanial and antimalarial activities of 1,2,3-triazenes and 1,2,3-triazoles -1,4-disubstituted 2017 Congrès